Plane SV Wave in Layered Media – Nonlinear coupling of soil amplification and topographic effects.
Video Response of a plane strain dam-like topography on the surface of soil overlaying elastic bedrock. The flat ground on either side of the dam is covered by soft sediments with impedance contrast 1:4  with the underlying soil.
Video Diffraction of vertically propagating plane shear wave incident on a narrow wedge; surface waves generated by diffraction at the toes of the wedge constructively interfere at the tip, way after the incident wave arrives.
Video Response of a plane strain dam-like topography on homogeneous elastic soil.
Video Simulation of a centrifuge test on topography effects using dry dense Nevada sand (the constitutive model in our simulation is pressure dependent multi-yield plasticity by Prevost, 1983).


SEISMOSOIL: A software package for 1D site-specific respose analysis

We are pleased to announce the latest release (v1.3) of SEISMOSOIL, our software package for analysis and signal processing of 1D site-specific response problems. As of now, SEISMOSOIL has the following routines:

  • Linear visco-elastic analysis in the time- and frequency-domain (Haskell, 1958);

  • Equivalent linear (Seed & Idriss, 1970); and equivalent liner frequency-dependent (Asimaki & Kausel, 2000);

  • Total stress nonlinear analysis with our Hybrid Hyperbolic model, with Masing and non-Masing hysteresis rules;

  • Input parameter calibrarion for nonlinear total stress models using genetic algorithms;

  • Signal processing tools such as Fourier & Response Spectra, Baseline correction, Bandpass Filtering etc.

  • and a series of graphical output tools to plot your results in Matlab environment.

  • System requirements
  • Operating system: Windows 7 and 8/8.1 (64-bit), Mac OS X (Mavericks and Yosemite)
  • Memory: > 2 GB
  • CPU: No limitations (SEISMOSOIL can be used in multi-core environment)
  • Installation

    Download and installe the MATLAB Runtime Compiler (MCR): If you have MATLAB R2014a (64-bit) installed on your computer already, skip this step.

    Windows users
  • Choose "R2014a (8.3) 64-bit"
  • Download SeismoSoil for Windows here
  • Unzip the ZIP file, and double-click "SeismoSoil_(version_name).exe"
  • Macintosh users
  • Choose "R2014a (8.3) Intel 64-bit"
  • Download SeismoSoil for MAC OS here
  • Unzip the ZIP file, find the APP file, and place it in your Applications folder. Execute from Terminal (preferred): Applications/
  • User Manual
  • The user manual for Seismosoil v1.3 can be downloaded here
  • Comments, questions, bugs to report? Email us: Check regularly for updates! 04/30/2018